Friday, September 15, 2006

downtown Kilburn

I heard a radio programme during the week about the woman who was the whistleblower at Enron. She said something really interesting about how she grew up in a small place, and it gave her a sense of community and responsibilty. She used the "it takes a village to raise a child" (a phrase much marketed by Hilary Clinton) proverb, and then like the next day, I noticed this store in Kilburn.

Look, they do everything. Grocery, butcher, green grocery (not sure how different), frozen food and fish. Covers a lot of options, right?

That village raising a child thing? Personally, I'm a little careful about it. So I love children, and a lot of my friends have them, and I get to play hairdresser (quite often) and just hang out. But I'm very wary of telling someone else's kid what to do. So if they do something that affects me, say like hit me, I'll say "I don't like that, please don't do it" and ask them to stop. But I won't say what they must always do, because that kinda feels like a parents job, and people have read all different books/do all sorts of different things. What if they're exponents of attachment parenting, and I say the wrong thing? I try and just keep my mouth shut.

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