Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am having quite a stressful day.

My desktop, which is like a week out of its warranty is crashing all over the shop, and the system event viewer (after a bit of judicious googling) tells me it's probably a RAM problem. But it could be windows, or the motherboard. And frankly, that's the limit of my knowledge.

Also, it's been a bit shouty, recently, and it gives me a headache.

Also, I have some big (work) deadlines and it's Rosh Hashana tomorrow night (these things always happen when you're busy).

I have called Evesham who recommended I don't pay them. I have called six PC Doctor type people, and I have some bloke coming over with RAM at 2pm. I just hope he can fix it.

And I have a lot to do.

And I'm thinking about yomtov, teshuva, what to wear and other less important things. Also, some more important things.

On the plus side, the Yiddish Purist is correcting my Yiddish (and boy does it need it) - so it's probably freigt nischt (kein??) shaylas.

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