Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am having a really bad day. I might take this down in the morning, so like read it and weep. Or whatever.

I have a lot to do. A lot. Even reviewing my list does not make me feel calm.

I am saying no to a lot of people/things.

It's great that yomtov falls on weekends, but it basically means no weekends for a month. Which is better than three day weeks, but still.

I need to finish my novel. Badly. It's the main thing I want to do. And my other writing project. And the third thing.

My ex-neighbour (B-list celebrity) moved out a year ago, but still gets more post than me. It has sat in the hall, an ever growing pile for months. I have just put it all in the recycling.

My email seems intermittent, for some reason.

There is a (only a moderate amount, mind) some shoutiness. I don't like it.

And there's a lot of things I would blog, if I had the mental space (rosh hashana (good), simcha in the square (didn't go, but have a view), Tony B. Gordon, of course. The planet.

I have some remaining teshuva to do with people, but sometimes... it's just not a good time. But I like to go into Yom Kippur feeling that I've sorted out my person-to-person stuff. But I guess you don't always get what you want.

I need to sell my old laptop before the warranty runs out.

I need to eBay a lot of things. My eBay room is pretty full. I know, I have an eBay room.

I think I would like a holiday. And a lie in. Not a shoe-in (I never understand that). And a lot of vodka. Ideally, Lanique Rose Petal.

I'm a little bit worried about Yom Kippur.

And I need more sleep.

And, possibly, a hug.

All this brought to you by being overtired, overwrought and... unsure. Unsure is never good.

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