Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just got back from the Oi Va Voi gig at the Spitz. I've not been east for ... at least three months. Sweet.

Anyway, fabulous gig. They played all the old favourites, as well as stuff from their new album, which I'm really looking forward to, now.

If I didn't have a weblog, I wouldn't know that I last saw them live in Camden two years ago (although, actually, a quick search of my outlook calendar through up the same data. But it was only raw data, and this way I know how I felt.) Also, I should really archive my old outlook data, but this is neither the time nor place...

I don't know why I thought this, but I was kinda thinking, we won't even know anyone there. And then, it was very sociable; the people I saw last weekend, the people I'm seeing this weekend. Other friends. Lots of great hair (and the people attached to it). S was also there - of the gamine leggings - turned-out in another great leggings-based outfit, and there was a brief discussion about her legwear.

It was hot, though. Kinda steamy-hot like a Spike Lee movie.

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