Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just heard on the Today programme: Downing Street says Tony Blair hasn't seen the memo, but it was published in yesterday's Daily Mirror, so everyone else has.


I realise there isn't an election for a while, but I'm worried. At the last (local) election, I called Glenda Jackson to get the labour view on the green things that are important to me. She called me back terribly efficiently, and that was impressive (although, she never actually mailed me their green stuff print-out). But I didn't buy her wishy-washy Kyoto crap.

But with David Cameron? I mean, he cycles to work with a car behind him to carry his books, and he has a wind turbine on his house. Here's a man who lives his values.

Might be a tough choice. I think green issues are the number one election issue (in fact, the British public think it's only issue number four). Because, let's face it: when our kids are under water and growing gills, we just won't care that much about tax or terrorism. I'm guessing.

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