Monday, September 25, 2006

An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

Dear Gordon,
I'm listening to you chatting with John Humphries on the Today programme, and I thought I'd drop you a quick note.

I have, up until now, been a lifelong Labour party supporter.

I can't believe you spent your entire interview talking about global competition, rights and responsibilities (how Tony, let's face it, shouldn't you get some of your own rhetoric?) and inflation.

Sure, terrorism is important. Security matters. The war in Iraq is, clearly, a problem.

But I can't believe you managed to get through that whole interview without mentioning the number one item on the agenda. I can't believe you haven't mentioned the environment.

Forget foreign policy. Look in your own back yard. Climate change, global warming, Kyoto, these are the things that really matter. When your children are up to their ears in water because the ice cap is melting because we didn't take action on our carbon consumption, then you'll be worried (although, most likely, you'll be dead).

What we need is a reduction in car use, a serious investment in the transport infrastructure, a total review of energy usage, tax on air fuel, carbon usage charging and a national curriculum education programme that really teaches our children how to look after the planet before we're all under water/burned to a cinder.

Also, the phrase "the battle for hearts and minds" does not make me feel involved. It makes me feel like a politician is talking at me, not with me. I don't buy the "involvement and engagement" agenda. It's all talk. I don't want my politicians to be all front, no behind.

It's not about the economy, stupid. It's about the environment. That's it.

What's your weakness, Gordon? I know you're a private person, but your weakness is you just don't get it. Put green stuff at the top of your agenda, or you'll find a whole load of Labour supporters talking to David. Even if he does have a car following his bike.

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