Sunday, September 17, 2006

opening of the Golders Green Yeshiva in 1946

A photo that was on display this morning, as part of the history of Shomrei Hadath.

Backstory (potted Anglo-Jewish political history): Shomrei is a Federation shul, which is slightly to the right of the United Synagogue. Both are orthodox. In 1961 "the Jacobs Affair" prompted the founding of the first Masorti (conservative) shul. Louis Jacobs (who was friendly with my grandparents when he lived in Manchester) was the man.

So check this out. There's Dayan Abromsky speaking (standing) and to his left, Rabbi Munk and Dayan Lazarus. Far right, Mr Zimmer.

Who's that on his near right? A very young looking Rabbi Louis Jacobs.

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