Monday, September 11, 2006

See, now I've written that, and I'm gripped by an irrational fear that I'll walk out of my house this evening to go to my Alexander Technique lesson and get run over by a bus.

One must never tempt fate, right? I grew up on red bendels and p-p-p and all that stuff, and I think a still small part of me still buys into it, big time.

I realise that this is all very unlikely.

But let it be known that, should I disappear, there's a few things I'd like to happen. If they can. I am 89% of the way through my novel, and I would like my friends who can write to finish it. It's mostly editing. For the avoidance of doubt, these people are J, Y and J (my guest bloggers), Z and B. (This does not mean that none of my other friends can write, of course, although it does mean that, to varying degrees, I have discussed either writing or the themes of the book with you, in the last couple of years). At least one of you has a copy of it (I'm very backup driven) and D knows all my desktop passwords. I suspect that their collective work will probably be better than mine, anyhow. There's a secondary writing project that M knows all about. Maybe you could do something with that, too. But I wouldn't want to ask too much.

This sort of feels a bit like a will, but like a creative-will. Not that I'm currently planning on going anywhere. Also, I would like my shoe-library to go to a good home, ideally a size six one.

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