Friday, September 22, 2006

So it's yom tov, Rosh Hashanah (new year) in a few hours time. I'm planning on being in shul at 6.45.

I have (seemingly) fixed my computer (a nice Russian bloke called Eldar changed my RAM), and touch-wood, seems OK. Although the price seemed slightly higher than he'd said on the phone (although I always think mobiles mean most of us only ever get 80% of conversations now anyway), and I couldn't help wondering if the uplift was based on the sight of my expensive kit. Little does he know it's the only expensive stuff I have. Geek that I am.

I am under a lot of work pressure. I am under some teshuva-pressure. I have made yom tov lunch, delivered yom tov gifts, honey cakes, cleaned my flat. Hoovered. I have spoke to quite a few people I don't always get to talk to that often to wish them happy new year. I am ready. Ish.

So - in case I don't come back before yom tov, although I may - I wish you all l'shana tova. A happy, sweet, peaceful, creative new year. And try not to eat too much on yom tov:).

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