Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Someone googled on Isola Bella restaurant in Hendon, and reminded me of this, that I wrote two years ago.

Terribly self-referential to link your own stuff, but hey, it's a blog.

Here's what I learned about me two years ago:
  • I was still prepared to italicise Yiddish words then
  • I spelled anti-semitism like this and not like antisemitism, which is my current view
  • I was very taken with the whole bothness/duality thing, even then
  • Although in a lot of ways, I've come a long, long way (baby) since then. So far, you wouldn't believe
  • That night, when we went out for dinner, I was involved in a big project that I loved, but now I have a lot more time. And I mean a lot.
  • Other things that are personal, and not that clear to the untrained eye.

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