Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sometimes I think product development goes too far.

So everything's got a "new and improved" label, even though I'm the kinda gal who likes things, largely, old and unimproved. Like, what's the point of pitta bread with herbs? Regular pitta bread is fine, and if you want herbs, sprinkle herbs on it. Or getting a new ipod every season. Or getting an iPod that connects to your trainers.

So there's a lot of stuff out there that just keeps product marketers in jobs, but I have no desire to buy. I think my mission in life is to have less belongings rather than more. So that if they (the Nazis, of course) came to take me away, it wouldn't take too long to pack. And also, I just don't need more stuff. I'm moving from maximalist to minimalist, although it may take a while.

But check this out. An entire website of utterly pointless stuff from Strange New Products. Read it and weep. But don't get those special tissues that have moisuriser in them. They're stupid.

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