Friday, September 15, 2006

Things in the universe I don't understand:

  • Women who overpluck their eyebrows, and then pencil them in, at a slightly surprised angle
  • How Primark can sell t-shirts for £2
  • Compound interest. I mean I understand the principle, but I can't do the math(s)
  • Arguments (of the argumentative kind, not the logical kind) - basically, any shade of broigus
  • How you can make a non-fat honey cake that doesn't sink to the bottom of everyone's collective stomach (Ukrainian, apparently)
  • How pressure cookers actually work (although that doesn't stop me using one)
  • Where spiders come from
  • Why my Sony Vaio still doesn't work/properly/is fairly tempermental
  • Why I don't appear to be that bothered about it, anymore
  • How people change. Even if you notice that they do
  • Barbelith, a lot of the time
  • And a bunch of other social networking thangs: Bebo, Myspace, Facebook. It's possible I'm just not.. social? Or networked?
  • People who have three arrangements in an evening
  • People who go to bed at 9pm
  • People who stay up all night
  • People who can't do quiet/alone time
  • Anyone who doesn't read
  • Whether I should keep putting money in my pension, or wether we're all doomed
  • What'll happen, when The War comes
  • Whether personal teshuva (repentance, fixing your personal relationships) can really work. It takes two, right?
  • How I would survive on a chick-pea free diet
  • If I'll ever get bored of the colour purple (colour, not book. I suspect not)
  • What to do in an emergency...

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