Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So, a gutte yahr, as they say.

I fasted... OK. I mean, the fasting's not supposed to be the point, it's supposed to be an enabler, so you can concentrate on the real business of Yom Kippur. But still.

Given.. the stuff I've been doing the last few months, fasting was: different. The last couple of hours definitely felt like an out of body experience. But then, a lot of mystics etc used to go for that. Not that I'm a mystic.

I have that feeling like I'm a fresh piece of blank paper - empty. (Although, today, the emptiness was kinda hard). Except that tomorrow morning it's back to regular life; calls to Kazahkstan, India, bankers and the like. I feel like I've been on a (spiritual) holiday.

Ahhh well...

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