Sunday, October 01, 2006

Teshuva, tefilla, tzedaka...

(Repentance, prayer and charity).

So it's yom tov, Yom Kippur, in 90 minutes.

I'll be off-net for like at least 25 hours. Which is a surprise, to some.

I feel... fairly cleansed. I have done teshuva with people I didn't expect to. A non-Jewish friend, when I said my little piece to her, said "everyone should do this, why's it just for Jewish people?".

I'm roasting my (pre yom tov) vegetables. I'm eating in a little while. Fasting for 25 hours is not supposed to be the focus, and I hope it isn't for me, this year. 25 hours offline, inshul, thinking, praying, can only be good for personal growth and your soul.

When you write online, you can sometimes get it wrong. It's the risk you take. I try and be thoughtful about it. Mostly, I am. I know of one ocassion this year when I - unwittingly and tangentially - got it wrong, and I took the piece down. I apologise.

For me, maturity is about saying sorry if you know you're wrong. And trying to learn from your mistakes.

So, as it comes to the last leg of the ten days of repentance. There's a slightly impending-nightfall feeling.

And I say this. I hope you've enjoyed reading what I write in the last year. But if in any way I've hurt or offended you, or your group, I apologise. It was - obviously - unwitting. I write for self expression, communication, and - frankly - to entertain. Anything else is an accident.

G'mar chatima tova. That's not just for all of us individually, but for the planet, too. Let's hope this is a year when we get that right, too.

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