Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hello. Still here, just having a bit of off-net time, which in these 24/7 times can be very relaxing. I've gone out. Seen people. Went to the Hampstead Comedy Club Jewish Xmas Eve show at the Adelaide. Stayed in. Watched TV/DVDs. Done my accounts and tax return. Dry cleaned my curtains. Made a number of batches of roasted butternut squash and split pea soup (my version of a Claudia Roden recipe). I've walked (some) although my back still hurts and I still have a trapped nerve in my leg. Which, frankly, has put me in a very bad mood for six weeks, which I'm sure partially accounts for my post-paucity.

My wishes for 2007? Not entirely sure I do New Year's resolutions, but I fervently hope that the universe takes on my minhag of calling next year double-oh-seven. All year.

See you on the other side. Unless I have more to say before then.

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