Friday, December 01, 2006

So, get this. Amazon write to me, and say, as a person who has previously been interested in the world of Jonathan Sacks, here's the new Hebrew Daily Prayer Book (ie the fourth edition of what's commonly known as The Singers Prayerbook, actually, I said that, not Amazon).

Now, I have bought Sacksisms from Amazon before, but how odd that it should be a book-retailing behemoth who are the first people to try and get me to cross their palms with £6.59, rather than some communal organisation.

It looks good. I gather they've taken on board some Artscrollisms on the design and typography front, which can only be a good thing, and Jonathan, his Sacksness has produced a new translation. (For people who don't know - Artscroll looks very pretty, and is accessible from a design front, but is a little right-of-centre when it comes to commentary and minhag (custom). It's basically a design-led kiruv exercise, although that's just my view.)

But 2 two 5 weeks to deliver?

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