Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So I'm here. Got in lunchtime-ish, took a cab to Manhattan, saw my friends, had a high-speed shower, went straight out shopping.

Had a bit of a weepfest with the movies on the plane. Watched Little Miss Sunshine (quirky nutter family), The Queen (Helen Mirren is truly more queenly that HRH), An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore's opener: I used to be the next president) and the Stephen Fry about him finding his Jewish family. That's how I knew I was on holiday - five hours of movies/TV.

My back appears much better - for those who are interested in these things - the pain has "centralised" ie is traveling back up my leg from my calf. It's now reached my thigh.

Last night, had the most amazing tofu ever, at Zen on Hudson. It's a new Japanese restaurant that makes super-fresh tofu, and we got there just after the 7.30 batch. It was like the creamiest, freshest, most unlike earnest UK vegetarian dream-dish I've ever had. If it wasn't for the two lychee martinis, I'd definitely have dreamed about it. As it was, I got to bed at 3.30 UK time (which was not that late here) but then I did wake up at 5.30 (US time). Must stop thinking in split-personality time.

Anyway, as some commenter said recently, it's not all about me (although it is my blog, so it's kinda all about me), what's with you?

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