Thursday, December 14, 2006

So NY is fun (but kinda tiring). Yesterday I went down to Brooklyn, checked out my friend's development, did some more shopping in Soho (it's kinda nice to get out of my own soho), got my hair cut, went to a blogger-style cocktail party (which was full of the same kind of Islington types I'd see at a parallel-universe London event), saw uncle S, did a lot of walking, and generaly soaked up the city.

I'm junping in the shower, and then going to Grand Central, getting a train up to Conneticut for the weekend. Talk later.

Also, oddly and moderately scarily, my laptop blue-screened last night, stating NMI parity check - memory parity error. Should I worry? I did my usual strategy of ignoring it, which seems to have worked.

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