Thursday, January 18, 2007

Andy Duncan

I know this is terribly old media of me, but I really feel that Andy Duncan should have dressed up a bit: he's just wearing a t-shirt.

He's just read out the press statement about Big Brother and the "apparently racist" comments. Also, he says that Big Brother "goes to the heart of who we are". So any press is good press?

Now he's going on to his keynote, covering, bigger picture digital, the vision for Channel 4 2012 and beyond, remarks on the OFCOM review of Channel 4, and the delivery of the Channel 4 remit, and the wider and positive impact Channel 4 has on wider UK society.

And now he's showing an advert. His. For Channel4OD (which I'm quite excited about).

Everyone's just itching to ask about Big Brother. You can tell.

He looks a little... hassled. It's been a busy day. That's what they pay him the big bucks for.

Update: I just read this profile and now I know being informal is Andy's "thing". And he sounds like a great guy.

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