Thursday, January 18, 2007

Comment to Andy Duncan in response to his "racism is a complex issue" statement: "when someone fails to pronounce your name properly, makes fun of the way you eat, because your culture is different, makes fun of your accent, that's racism."

Andy responded that they have intervened twice, once with Daniella last night, and once with Jade, as we can see tonight. But it's subjective. Rigorous process in C4 to deal with complaints they've received. Key concern to deal with what's gone on in the house appropriately. (The OFCOM guy's first question this morning was about this, and they said they had 24,000 complaints, easily a record for them).

Andy was asked whether essentially it's an issue of C4 complaince lawyers deciding whether stipulations of the programme code have been met.

Andy said that they've checked with Shilpa, she doesn't think it's racism.

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