Sunday, January 28, 2007

I just saw the segment on Jewish music on the Heaven & Earth show.

They name checked the Burning Bush, Sophie Solomon, Oi Va Voi, Mattisyahu.

It wasn't bad, it really wasn't bad, honest. But they could have just done some research. Like all the "types" of Jewish music? Sefardic, Yiddish Klezmer, Cantorial? Not exactly. YY Rubinstein describing Hasidic Jews (in relation to Mattisyahu) as really orthodox? He should know better.

I know TV is soundbite driven, but all these things are nuanced. And, as Jews, we're nuance driven. The subtle difference between your seemingly identical shul and mine, the apparently similarity of where we came from. All these things need a little debate. And bagels.

Of course there was mention of bagels. Sophie Solomon saying that before she got into klezmer, being Jewish was just her dad bringing home bagels and smoked salmon on a Sunday morning. Hey, that makes me Jewish, too. Ad everyone in Waitrose.

I've noticed - who hasn't - this massive Jewish cultural revival, and Yiddish and klezmer are part of it. I am developing ideas, but I have to go to a pidyon haben. Really. I've never been to one.

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