Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Look. I'm numbers one and two on google for lousy company blog - presumably because they've fallen over again.

I realise shit happens etc, technology yadda yadda, but it just seems to happen a lot with them. Coupled with last week's 1and1 issues (which I didn't even blog because reading about other people's technical hitches can get a tad dull, I realise), I'm stuck.

Here's the deal. I have 163 email addresses (slight exaggeration: five) spread over two ISPs - 1and1 and 34sp. This way, I can always work even if one goes down - I just use the other. It costs me a little more, but given that everything I do is email based, it works on a low-stress basis.

Except now. I sent out a bunch of mails on my 34sp address, because 1and1 was flaky last week. Now, 34sp is flaky and people are trying to respond but can't.


And I know 34sp are a bit slow on the uptake, and I've been meaning to move, but I need someone who does IMAP and multiple domains, and that's not so many people.

Modernity can get very annoying. Yes it's fabulous that I can communicate with people all over the known universe and do things at the speed of light and blah blah blah. But I've got used to it. I expect a minimum level of service, and even though I'm calm, I'm just slightly narked that I can't do stuff. Now.

Some (naysayers and doom-prophets, to be sure) say we live in a technology twilight zone - the last few years of when everything works properly before spam and outages and the energy roll over mean we're all wandering around with candles and wifi is but a distant (fond) memory.

Who knows. But right now: I just want things to work.

Also, Flickr is flaky, so I can't blog my photos. Gah.

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