Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So, I finally got into bed (long day) and Leon the Pig Farmer is showing on BBC2.

Made by fellow Mancunian Gary Sinyor in 1993, I have to say, it's not aged that well. The Jewish stereotypes feel... well, stereotypical, and while back in the early nineties it was kinda cool to see a "Jewish film" but... beer for the non-Jewish workman? Regional accents? Works for his parents in a net curtain business? Camp gay farmer's son?You like to think life would be more... nuanced.

Anyway, back in 1993, I was working abroad in my first job, and I came back for the weekend, and everyone I knew - and I do mean everyone - was an extra in the wedding scene and it was too late for me to do it and also I didn't have any party clothes in my weekend bag, and I had to spend the weekend on my own.

I've got over it. But still. I saw Gary in the summer, we were on a panel together about Jewish identity, but we didn't discuss the film. Or our.. shared history (landsleit, stuff happens.)

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