Thursday, January 18, 2007

Summary of Andy Duncan's keynote:

We know the British people. We get diverse. We have a new website. Shameless is an iconic British programme. Regional, based in Manchester. Next year, sisxteen Shamelesses. We want to be like America. Paul Abbot's a genius. Skins average writer age is 22. We are yoof. It's all about innovation. Social networks. Commitment. Innovation. Outstanding. Dig at Panorama-lite. On-stream and off-stream contributions. Nurturing the independent sector. Economic impact of Channel4 is £2bn. Plurality of sources, suppliers, regionality. Money money money. Talent policy. We are people people. You wouldn't believe how much we spend on training. Creative economy, we make a huge contribution. PSP. Don't be complacent. Policy issues of the decade; BBC; switchover; newmedia/UGC; acheiving plurality of public service. It's our twentyfifth anniversary year, we wear t-shirts and do good stuff for the people.

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