Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Two great pieces from the New York Times* from angst-ridden (but cool) writer Shalom Auslander** Celebrity Crazy and Love Child.


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* Also, isn't the internet great? I can read the New York Times in Kilburn. A few years back, I was a techheadhunter, and we were very high end and I had to wear a suit everyday and they made me tie my (slightly unruly) hair back and not wear chunky jewelry. It was a very silly, oak-panelled business. Kinda like being an estate agent for people, but without the intellectual stimulation. Anyway, me and my lead partner used to go to week-long lunches to "get the brief" for the new CTO, and we'd come out and look at each other and say "webbiness and globality" then, which was what most people wanted. And also, it doesn't matter what the brief is: usually people hire the person they like, even if they don't quite fit the brief.
** I heard Shalom Auslander speak on a panel at Jewish Book Week last year, with Naomi Alderman. He was so very angry that you could feel the tension in his life just from watching how he sat in his chair, even. I don't know if that much anger is good for a person. Even though he says in the Love Child story that he doesn't like anger anymore, so maybe the therapy's working.
** Also, in the Therapy short story, I don't really get why he keeps making a date with his therapist? Can you do next Tuesday? How's Thursday? It's not coffee with a friend, it's supposed to be a regular commitment. Like Woody Allen says; with strict Freudian therapy, if you die, they make you pay for the sessions you missed.
*** Yes, I'm rambling. My mojo went to Marbella, but it may have returned****.
**** Or may not have done. We'll see.

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