Friday, February 09, 2007

As you can see from my recent photo set, I hung out a little with Deborah Lipstadt on her UK visit last week; I am, after all, her blogmother.

Last Sunday, a few of us went out for dinner, to Novellini in Golders Green (this is what happens when you try to accomodate kosher/vegetarian eating requirements; you have to eat out in a kosher milchig restaurant). The patisserie is particularly fine, so I'm not complaining, even if I technically don't really eat carbs, and even if I do, there's really no point in patisserie, from a nutritional perpsective.

So the waitress comes over, and tells us that "the specials are written here", she points to the menu. She runs through them, and there was something that Deborah was interested in, and she light-heartedly teased the waitress (who, in my memory, has a Polish accent) - "but where's the carp? You said it was was written here?"

The waitress was sharp as anything. "Oh," she said to Deborah, "You shouldn't believe everything you see written down."

But not as quick as Deborah, who responded, "don't I know it."

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