Monday, February 12, 2007

I think I may be slightly in love with Ben Goldacre after reading today's scathing hatchet job on Gillan McKeith. When I say hatchet-job, of course, I mean reasoned, scientifically valid, referenced piece.

I really do.

Bloke's a genius. He's totally taken her to task for all her "here come's the science" jiggery fakery, and because he's a Proper Doctor, it all makes sense. And he can write. And he lives in North London. Kentish town, to be precise.

Interesting sidenote: I read the piece on the old-fashioned way - read the dead tree version the train, and it's different. I hardly ever buy a paper nowadays because I'm online 25/8, so what's the point. But there's something exciting about seeing the masthead, knowing there's a story that'll grab you; opening the paper and seeing the (brilliant) G2 cover - which you don't get online. And... the whole... positioning. It's different. When you read online you hardly ever know what the "big" story - the longtail of online journalism means all stories are pretty equal. So there's less of an editorial edge. So you read more of what interests you, sure, but a lot less of what you "should read."

Anyway, just saying. And look: he's a self-confessed geek. The best sort.

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