Friday, February 16, 2007

I was at the ICA tonight, catching up with an old friend (S) over a bite to eat and a terribly depressing movie about Iraq.

On the way home, the tube driver announced that train wasn't stopping at West Hampstead or Willesden, as there was a power problem. When I got out at Kilburn, it was pich black; not street lights, no houselights, no (blaring) music. Deathly hush. Deathly dark. It was kinda like I imagine the war was: people talking to each other, cameraderie.

Strangely, I met my flatmate on the corner of Mill Lane and we walked home, and lit candles and didn't look at the internet because nothing worked. It was kinda fun. Lying in bed, in the candlelight it was so stealthily-quiet. Super-hush. I loved it.

In all, the lights were off for maybe an hour. It did cross my mind that it was really good for the planet. If I had an electrisave meter... it wouldn't have worked, being powered by electricity.

What's really anoying now is, a slight technical hitch. My desktop PC is connected to the cable modem via an ethernet cable. There is another ethernet cable to my wifi. So the wifi works, which proves that the cable modem works (I'm writing this on my laptop), but for some reason, the desktop can't get internet access. It thinks that an ethernet cable is unplugged, but then it always thinks that if there's a problem. It's its generic thinking.

I called the Virgin (previously Telewest) 0845 helpline, but they told me to (a) reboot (which I had already) and (b) they don't support bluetooth (it also thinks bluetooth is unplugged, even though I don't have that either).

See, this is what's annoying about geekery. Everything was fine till the powercut, no cables have been moved, but now it doesn't work, and I don't know enough to know how to get it to work.

Oh well. Perhaps I'll just go to sleep, and maybe it'll work in the morning (fat chance, I hear you thinking).

All/any advice gratefully received.

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