Monday, February 12, 2007

If you want a really good laugh, you should definitely listen to Hadley Freeman's commentary on London fashion week. It's not exactly a podcast, it's kinda a voiceover with pictures (stills). Waddya call that? Vidcast? I know: television.

Anyway, whatever manner of new/old media animal this is, it's hysterical. Not least because I'd always imagined (when I took a day off work to think about these things) that Hadley would sound terribly Hampstead-daahling, and she just sounds normal.

It's kinda the inside-track: the sort of insider-insight that people who work on fashion magazines get all the time, and lesser mortals like you and me have to wait for monthly magazines to read. Except, it doesn't matter how well connected/directional you or your wardrobe are, I'm just not recommending the snood/horns look. It's silly. Repeat after me: just s-i-l-l-y.

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