Friday, February 09, 2007

Things that currently annoy me

I have had the noro (noro, noro, see you tomorrow my son) virus for three days and feel crap. Although improved: Tuesday, I couldn't stand up.

I still can't search my blogger archive and frankly it's like not having a brain. I like to check things. I can't. I mean, they're owned by google: fancy not being able to search. It's a core competency, right? Unimpressed by general upgradiness. It's more of a downgrade.

I have a client who hasn't paid me for something since October, and it's upsetting me. I like to do the work, deliver, get paid. I have taken advice, even though I hate doing that kind of thing, but sometimes needs must.

I have just finished the first round of a new thing, and it's fun and interesting and I'm kinda pleased with what I did (noro-permitting). Whoops, this is supposed to be a list of things that annoy me. Wrong list.

I am going to Manchester tomorrow, and just tried to book a ticket online and it didn't work and told me there was something wrong with my delivery method, which iI couldn't work out. I called the stupid 0870 number but they said "call back at 8am". Sheesh. Where's an Indian 24-hour call centre when you need one?

I wanted to buy this handbag in Coast and I forgot. It's an evening handbag, and I'm going to my cousin's barmitzvah. But then, I can differentiate between what I need and what I want. I can live without another handbag. I think.

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