Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well, my email inbox is heavy with news and views on Ben Goldacre. Like, listen to him here, on the guardian podcast, talking about Gillian. Let's all agree here: he's not just smart and witty, he's got a really nice voice, too. Voices do it for me, I have to say.

Also, he has invented the word "referenciness", which I heartily approve of.

Here's what most (many) people are asking me: is he Jewish? Short answer - I don't know. Running him through the Jewometer at Sashinka Towers, I'd say the following:
- Ben, sounds like a Jewish boy, right? 7 points
- Goldacre - sounds like it used to be Goldstein/Goldfine etc. 9 points
- career choice - doctor only trumped by Hedge Fund Manager for those in their thirties. 9 points
- Lives in Kentish Town - north London, some points, but not exactly West Hampstead or Belsize Park. 5 points
- Type A personality/Oxbridge education/high achiever type: 7 points, although you'd get those points from any other once-were-immigrants minority, so lose a point. Final points: 6.
- Social action: Cares about rightness and doing the right thing, often a Jewish thing, especially for those on the Liberal/Reform/Masorti perspective. Also, lots of other people who aren't Jewish, so points: 5
- Hair: check it out, something of a Jewfro. Points: 8

So that's 42 points out a possible 60, which makes him 70% Jewish. It also probably makes him 70% Asian, so I'd add the caveat that this is clearly on a guessometer rather than real-science basis.

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