Monday, March 19, 2007

Brilliant, incisive piece in yesterday's Observer on Johnnie Boden, founder of the Boden shopping catalogue.

Check this out:
"...even the business meetings have silly titles.

Which is why I've gained access to the 'Hate or Hero' meeting, one of the design summits which punctuate the remorseless Boden calendar. At this particular event, the purpose of which is to pare down the autumn/winter 07 knitwear collection to 22 styles, Johnnie Boden sits at a long white table, flanked by seven well-put-together women: streaky hair pushed behind ears, expensive watches, lots of low-key grey marle and black and taupe. One brave soul, Carole, the womenswear design director, is wearing the aforementioned and frankly calamitous Posh Velvet Cardigan, but she is the only immediate clue to the fact that everyone else in this room is also head-to-toe in the brand, it being Monday, and Monday being, officially, Wear Boden to Work Day."

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