Thursday, March 01, 2007

I feel I owe you an apology, of sorts.

Usually words just fall out my head onto my keyboard, and I realise I've been a little vague, this week. I've been thinking about you, though.

Stuff happens. I've been at Jewish Book Week, and definitely have things to say. I went to a funeral, couldn't go to a shalom zachor (ironically, a beginning and ending in the same week), busy with deadlines-deadlines, I have a very busy weekend (including assorted Wandering Jews coming round tomorrow), and it's Purim on Sunday, and I haven't even thought about shalach manos, partly, because my head's fit to burst, and partly because I don't believe in over-consumption.

Also, a very old friend of mine is sick. Despite everything people say about blogs and diaries and letting it all hang out, that's not really my style. Especially because he's not really an online kinda guy, so it doesn't feel right. But let's just say, I feel a little sad.

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