Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I travelled Kuwait Airways, and I had a degree of trepidation before embarking; it certainly wasn't Virgin (booked at the last minute, you get what you pay for).

But, it was cool. They had retro middle eastern/fifties graphics, and the whole plane had a faded grandeur that I quite liked. And the air hostim (and hostot) were really, really nice. And because there were lots of middle eastern people travelling, I felt very at home. Like checking in was a bit of a balagan, as I queued in the Air Egypt queue for a while, and I thought this is all good practice for going to Israel for Pesach because it's load and shouty and if you don't protect yourself you'll get elbowed in the ribs. This, I understand.

But Kuwait Air was fab. Great veggie food, lots of space (much more than Virgin), terrible movies, but got in early and was just kinda... nice.

I know, you shouldn't say nice.

It's past 2am. I'm gabbing. You can tell I'm kinda on holiday. Must go to bed. Please leave comments, btw, I don't even know who's reading, anymore.

Waddyou up to?

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