Thursday, March 08, 2007

So, let's just say this is no fun. I have a leak in my bedroom from the roof, and waited three weeks for Andy, my friendly roofer who has spiderman-like qualities and no need of scaffolding. He's disappeared. So now I've got more rain in my bedroom and new people who (a) want twice as much money and (b) don't appear to know what the problem is. "No guarantees, love". I love it when people call me love. And stand behind me to point out the hole in the roof from the street and need to firmly clasp my shoulders to do so. Eeeuurgh.

Also, this morning. No heating. No hot water. As you know, I have a British Gas Three Star contract or whatever their marketing department call it now, but we all know it's thusly called because they only got three stars out of a possible ten. They say they're coming between 12 and 6, but I'm not that trusting. When it comes to them.

Also, I've spent like two days working with our accountant to prepare the accounts for our freehold management company, including digging out loads of old documents, chasing the lawyers. And I can't get paid for it. And I'm busy. At least it's done. I guess.

Aaaarrgh. Also, I've been to two funerals and two shivas in the last ten days, and I am owing three baby presents and have a sick friend I'd like to visit, but I have to wait in for British Gas.

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