Friday, April 20, 2007

A good friend of mine said to me that I have this whole property thing going on that I never blog about.

So here I am.

I love property. If it wasn't very embarassing, I'd definitely love to be an estate agent, and I can price any NW2/3/6/8 place at 95% accuracy and NW1/4/5/11/N2/N3 at about 75%. And there's one street in Finchley where I actually know the price of practically every house in the road.

All this a shortcut to say that my gut feel is that a houseprice crash is coming. I know the macro stuff (lack of supply, demographics, changing families (more divorces/single people etc) meaning increased demand) says no crash, but it seems to be that things are really crazily overpriced. I nearly moved the Finchey two and a half years ago, and the place has increased by almost 50% in that time. As I say, crazy.

Anyway, good market analysis and summary in today's Guardian, and if you have a largeish mortgage, I'd run and get the last fixed rate tomorrow.

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