Tuesday, April 17, 2007

rainbow babe

rainbow babe
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I don't know if this is a sad thing or not.

I took this photo nearly two years ago - I remember the exact sunny day, walking from Kilburn to West Hampstead - and this was some nice rainbow graffiti at the top of Mill Lane in some community garden project.

The sun just caught my hair and even on my camphone I looked like I had a rainbow growing out of my head, which is a look I have been trying to achieve ever since.

Anyway, this morning, striding up Mill Lane, iPod in-ear, in my own little world, I walk past, and look out for the familiar, friendly graffiti.

And it's gone.

That whole section of wall has been painted over, a new and shiny white (ripe for the local graffiti artists, I can tell you, YBS, whoever they may be will doubtless get there first (aside, I always think s/he works for the Yorkshire Building Society)). Blank. Bare - although as I say, I'm sure not for long.

I feel a nostalgia. I think this might be my favourite photo ever, that I've taken. And I always felt like it was a bit like a blog post; off-the-cuff, on-the-run. I (hardly) ever go back and improve or correct blog posts, but I know I could, and I think I felt like I could go back and get the photo again, better, if I wanted to.

But now I can't.

Things change, I know. One can be too...attached to things. It is, after all, only graffiti and some would say better painted over. And worse things happen.

But, y'know.

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