Friday, April 13, 2007

Well, it's been one of those days. I am feeling slightly... hassled, I guess is the fairest thing to say.

A few things have happened:
- someone keyed my car. I have no idea who or when or even why. And it's hardly worth getting it repaired in the bodyshop because (a) I don't really approve of cars anyway, and (b) I live in Kilburn and someone will probably do it again.

- my flatmate's visitor (mistakenly) locked me into my house. Which was just extra hassle I didn't need, although all turned out fine, even if it did take me 30 minutes to work out what had happened.

- a big (personal) project I've been working on for months and months has to be postponed and I'm just disappointed.

- I was going out for lunch tomorrow, and then it turned out that one of the other guest's children is recovering from shingles and I decided not to go. Could be me over-reacting, but I've got too much on and don't fancy getting sick, if I can avoid it.

Other things, too. But tired. At least I have one House left on my PVR.

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