Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here are some things I did recently...

  • saw Zodiac - scary murders, but good, if long movie. From David Fincher, who did Seven (7even). A chick flick, it ain't.

  • saw How We Are, the photography exhibition at the Tate Britain. Rainy bank holiday monday; heaving. I've added my pix (haven't we all) to the flickr group. (And they fixed the exhibit since Meg went)

  • made humous. A few times.

  • Went to shul... a few times. Ate cheesecake: a lot of times.

  • Had a lie-in and read the Sunday papers over two days. They are truly the gift that goes on giving.

  • and dinner last night at the North London Tavern. Local, great food (if a lot of shouty football people) and the venue for Thursday's JCC Jcast party (hey, there are a lot of Js in there...)
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