Thursday, May 17, 2007

Moldova Trip Update - I'm not going

I feel very sad writing this, but basically, my (personal) trip has been indefinitely postponed. The original trip was in May, and then due to van delivery problems was postponed till the end of June. The suppliers didn't make the dates, and so the trip is now happening in October. I can't go in October, as I'm involved in a new project, so, basically, I can't go.

You probably have a lot of questions, like how hard is it to buy vans etc. We can only take vans that are serviceable in Moldova, which limits our manufacturer choice. Additionally, there have, apparently been industry changes in the European and East European wholesale distribution model that affected our purchase. I dont' know all the details, but I am assured that the guys on the project have done everything they can to try and solve this, and they can't.

It's obviously very disappointing. For me and for people who supported me. However, the trip itself will still go ahead, and the community in Moldova will still get the vans and aid/equiptment they need.

I will be writing in the snail-mail way to all my donors and supporters to explain the situation fully, and I'm sorry. This is a situation genuinely out of my control.

There is a small chance that I may go next May, but frankly that's a year away. I will, obviously keep you informed.

Thanks for all your support.

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