Friday, May 25, 2007

Well, it's been yomtov for two days, and I feel like I had something of an enforced holiday, which was quite nice. Never use the world nice, Mrs Havelock told me that in Junior School.

Anyway, I went to shul, ate lots of cheesecake, had meals, hung out with friends. Yesterday there was a communcal shul lunch (To a remarkably high standard), and afterwards about forty of us went to Fortune Green and played cricket (or watched, as I was not wearing my cricket shoes. I was wearing green platform espadrilles which S was quite jealous of).

So there we were... a large, multi-generational group of overdressed people (we'd been to shul, some people were wearing hats)sitting around in the park on a Thursday afternoon.We must have looked odd. Actually, I suspect we looked like a cult: a cult of over-accessoried cricket players/watchers. We got some strange looks.

And it's odd that today's Friday and I feel like it's Monday because I just had two days off.

And I'm in a Starbucks. And the internet (which I will never spell with a Capital I) still thinks I'm German.

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