Friday, August 10, 2007

40+ speakers at the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe in October...

We're still working on the conference programme, and we've got over 40 (and counting... speakers) signed up to our two day conference, and three optional pre- and post-conference workshops. Check them out...

Keynotes from:
Lord Puttnam of Queensgate, CBE
Dr Colin Parris, VP, Digital Convergence, IBM Research

And our international speakers include:
Delé Atanda, Global Digital Marketing Business Partner , Diageo
Professor Richard Bartle, University of Essex
Thomas Bidaux, Director of Product Development, NCSoft Europe
Mark Boyd, Creative Director, BBH
Betsy Book, Product Development Director, Makena Technologies/
Justin Bovington, CEO, Rivers Run Red
Johann Brenner, Partner, Benchmark Capital
Corey Bridges, Co-founder,The Multiverse Network
Nic Brisbourne, Partner, Esprit Capital
Mike Butcher, Editor, Tbites
Stefan Crosta, Cisco
David Erixon, Vodafone Global Marketing
Robert Gehorsam, President, Forterra Systems Inc
Ian Hughes, Metaverse Evangelist, IBM
Paul Hemp, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review
Ben Holmes, Principal, Index Ventures
Professor Michael Hulme, Centre for Study of Media, Technology & Culture
Aleks Krotoski, Journalist, The Guardian and virtual worlds researcher
Raph Koster, President, AreaE
Joe Little, Chief Technology Office, BP
Jess Mulligan, Executive Producer, Sunflowers GmbH
David Naylor, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse
Greg Nuyens, CEO, QWAQ
David Orban, CEO, Questar
Mike Parsons, Site Director,
Adam Pasick, Reuters
Jerry Paffendorf, Co-Founder, Wello Horld; Co-Author, Metaverse Roadmap
Steve Prentice, Group Vice President and Chief of Research, Gartner
Meg Pickard, Head of Communities, The Guardian
Ren Reynolds, writer and philosopher
Michael Smith, CEO, MindCandy
Timo Soininen, CEO, Sulake / Habbo Hotel
Reuben Steiger, CEO and Founder, Millions of Us
Alice Taylor, VP Digital Content, BBC
Marco van Veen, Heineken
Steve Victorino, President and COO, Makena Technologies
Susan Wu, Charles River Ventures

Wanna be there? Easy to register here. It's gonna be pretty cool...

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