Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Xu Hui, HiPiHi founder

Xu Hui, HiPiHi founder
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HiPiHi Press Conference (August 19th)

HiPiHi, a Beijing-based new virtual world, announced its plans yesterday at State of Play V conference in Singapore, at the Marina Mandarin hotel.

HiPiHi™ is China’s Virtual World platform creator and believes that virtual worlds are the next phase of the internet and is looking to become one of the global leaders, along with early participants such as Linden Lab (Second Life), and has kicked off limited beta testing and is expanding.

HiPiHi looks pretty much like Second Life; users create their own stuff and own their own IP, and sees its vision as pioneering an online virtual world in China. They also announced that they are interested in devleoping standards for virtual worlds, that they may well collaborate with Mixi, Japan's largest social networking site, with whom they share an investor (NGI, lead investor in the consortium).

The demo is just in Chinese, and I asked about other languages. Founder Xu Hui (nominated as one of the Top Ten China Internet Heroes in 1999)stated that this is a promotional launch, and with the full launch, the product will be multi-lingual, and this will be automatic, based on the users'operating system and information. I presume this means IP address: useful, but I do get annoyed when google sends me to google.co.uk rather than google.com. But less annoying, as I don't speak Chinese.

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