Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday 6ish, I was in Golders Green having coffee with a friend (in the Costbux right opposite the Northern Rock you kept seeing besieged by queues on the news), and when I left, an hour or so later (on my way to a shiva house in Edgware, if you must know) the road was closed, police and everything, and I had to go all the way round the back, and the traffic was backed up for ages, and there were like eight empty buses at the other side, which I guess had just stopped because of the incident. I really could't see anything.

I googled when I got back, there was a BBC story just saying the road was closed. Then last night, N sent me this video. Wow. Solly's was on fire. I even thought to stop for a felafel, but the road was too busy, and I actually thought it was some kind of (terrorist) "incident" so got out of there pretty quick.

Weird video with soundtrack. You can listen to this one, but what is the soundtrack of a fire? Just people going "oooh, aaaah, nooo".

So, closed for the duration. Solly's is kinda a Golders Green institution, but look, you can share the love/how you feel/anything on facebook.

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