Monday, October 15, 2007

Lan 2000 Kompressor
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The Streets of Cricklewood: One in a series

So Cricklewood is idiosyncratic, we know that. Immortalised by Zadie Smith's White Teeth (early in the morning, late in the century, Cricklewood Broadway), it's a cornocopia of ... stuff. From African to Ethiopian, Lebanse to Indian, Irish to Arab, walking down the street you real feel that multiculturalism has found its home.

Lan 2000 Kompressor Ltd - which I have, of course googled, but learned nothing, I might add - sells a wide variety of food, hair products, cash-at-an-interest-rate, videos and all those things you might just need. I like how it's labeled twice. Signage, signage. Kinda like Peri-peri chicken-chicken, or Boutros Boutras Ghali or just double vision.

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