Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It is 5am. I am at Luton airport, forced to use crappy internet kiosk at £1 per ten minutes, which is £6 per hour, which is slightly more than the minimum wage or what you get for working at McBux. In fact, we should all be a Luton airport internet kiosk.

On my way to web2.0 in Berlin, and ironically my broadband died around 1130 last night when I was just about to do online checkin. I cannot think of online checkin without remembering that terrible, yet somehow memorable late 80s Israeli TV ad "ah, Mr Cohen, you make advance checkin". I, however, did not.

Luckily, once the taxi driver had refound my house, because hey, I never use that local cab firm like all the time, like they practically live with me, I got here in good time and it's like the middle of the day here. Bought Euros for the princely £5 commission (the woman at Travelex, when pushed, told me that because it's a private airport the rents are higher, thus the price of everything is increased).

And yes, I can't link because the interweb here is ropier than old rope, but I know I haven't said anything since the VWF (Virtual Worlds Forum) the week before last. But it was great. We had 450+ people from 23 countries, great feedback, cool press coverage and a multiplicity of ideas of what to offer to the virtual worlds community next.

Uhoh. Two remaining minutes. Sheesh this internet is slow. Hope it's faster in Berlin. See you on the other side.

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