Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Momtaz Shisha Cafe
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The Streets of Cricklewood: Three in a series

I got really excited, and I mean really, when the Momtaz Shisha Cafe started opening about six weeks ago.

First, they got a sign. My immediate thought was: hummous. I thought, bottom of the Edgware Road comes to Cricklewood, how cool is that. I watched them paint and decorate and ship in furniture. Then, they put seats outside, and I thought, it's nearly winter, who sits outside? But then I realised, shisha is like smoking, so you have to do it outside now.

So it's quite busy, now it's open, but it's 90% about the shisha and like less than 10% about the humous, so I've been nervous about going in. I've walked past, peered in to the kitcheny bit. But I am yet to step over the threshold.

Give me time.

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