Saturday, December 15, 2007

New floor at St Pancras

New floor at St Pancras
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One of the funnest things about my trip this week to LeWeb3 in Paris (and there were lots) was going on le Eurostar from the new St Pancras station.

It's all new and shiny, but, frankly, unfinished. A at dinner on Friday night had forewarned me that there was only one coffee outlet once you get past passport control, which was no biggie. But getting to St Pancras at stupid o'clock in the morning only to discover that (a) there's not a cashpoint machine to be had and (b) no bureau de change either, kinda pissed me off. I sorted it, as a resourceful person should, but it was... annoying.

Everything's new and shiny, like the floor - fabulous Yorkshire slate (I'm guessing) with a rich... cedar (surely not, in these sustainable days) wood floor. It's actually darker in real life, come out more oak-ish in the photo.

Reminds me of when you go to a friend's house when they've just moved into a developer-converted apartment and everything's oak and slate and shiny and new with a few things left off the snagging list shouting out at you. I half expected the station master (or is that the Fat Controller) to offer to doa tour.

Still, two hours fifteen minutes, you really can't complain.

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