Thursday, January 10, 2008

I went out to dinner with someone recently who didn't know there was a writers' strike in the US, now in its third month, and more in the public eye given this week's cancellation of the Golden Globes. So I was surprised, but hey, there's a lot of news.

Although I'm mostly worried about Desperate Housewives.

Anyway, it's all about internet residuals, and it seems fair enough to me. I've thought about recompense for creative work for a lot of time; in the commercial events business, if you come up with a great idea for someone while in their employ you don't get any credit; if you work for a TV company, you get credited (although no extra money) forever. I guess it's different in every industry, but there's already a precedent here. Here's a video which kinda tells all about it:

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