Thursday, January 17, 2008

Travel News

Yesterday it took me two and a half hours to get back to Kilburn from Finchley. Yep, two and a half hours for a twenty minute journey. I missed a meeting - called, them obviously, with the joy of mobile phones - sat back in the car, listened to Radio 4.

I find stationery traffic really frustrating. I'd rather be moving slowly and feel I'm getting somewhere, no matter at what speed, than practically parked, without the internet and no idea how to solve the problem.


Anyway, when I got hope I discovered the North Circular had been closed near Ikea, because of a fatal car/lorry accident, and I figure that must be what it's about.

But I was supposed to go out in Golders Green last night and frankly couldn't hack getting in the car again when it was solid traffic outside my house and reports from my Golders Green High Road traffic spy were the same.

All this may be a message from the universe that we all should stop owning cars. Car share clubs are getting better and better: ;; and

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